Panta Rei. Tutto si trasforma | marble vs ceramic

“I am interested in the relationship between matter and anti-matter, the relationship that governs the world’s dynamics, and […]

“6×9=3” | 2014 DATABASE residency programme

Every year, DATABASE collaborates with Italian and international curators to produce the works of three artists invited as […]

MIA&D ART FAIR Singapore, International Photography and Design fair

BOOTH 1D Contacts: Federica Forti | ; +39 347 0955010 Eleonora Lombardi | ; +39 349 7252647 […]

BOOK READING “La luna che mi seguiva” (The moon after me) Con_Vivere Carrara Festival 2014

As a parto of Con_Vivere Carrara Festival 2014 Africa at the heart of the planet at Palazzo Forti Via Buonarroti 1 – […]